In the beginning God created the world and all those that dwell upon it. Since man was created by God he should strive to live as God would live. This path in life is embodied by the three prime virtues of Honor, Duty, and Knowledge.

In Honor God is a warrior, with a sword sharp and unyielding for those whose lives exist without moral code or compass. Man must be strong, skilled, and fierce, but not malicious or without regard for life. Those who make war with honor in their hearts to them will the warrior grant victory.

In Duty God is a protector, responsible for those who have sworn him fealty. It is the duty of all of advantage to help, support, and nurture those of less advantage; like God to his flock, a leader to his citizens, or a mother to her child. Might does not make right. Power and riches are not provided to enhance our own lives, but is a responsibility to enhance the lives of those under your care.

In Knowledge God is a scholar, constantly learning and teaching so that the errors of the past are not repeated to the detriment of the future. Answers are not given, but learned. And questions do not always have one answer. Only in ignorance can one ever experience true and complete failure.

Adherence to these virtues will ensure a life that walks along the path of righteousness. God is Three…Warrior, Protector, and Scholar.

These words, attributed to Magister Valar, were written over 1200 years ago towards the end of the Valruic empire. It was believed that the Valruic pantheon contained scores of Gods each embodying different virtues, but Valar’s writings (one of few that actually has survived) gave rise to the Church of the Three that is the accepted religion of Eron. This passage is the first in the Cogito Deus translated from Divinus as “Thoughts on God”. Throughout the last 800-1000 years various religious leaders have added passage to this text that forms the heart of the written base of work for the religion of the Three. The Cogito Deus is divided into three “books” each focusing on one aspect of the three providing proverbs, laws, musings, and other passages focusing on that particular aspect of God. The books are known as the Codex Decus (Book of Honor), Codex Officium (Book of Duty), and the Codex Conscientia (Book of Knowledge).

Clerics (also called Faith Keepers) have enjoyed a renewed connection to their deity and are now able to cast spells.
Clerics of the Warrior select the War Domain.
Clerics of the Protector select the Life Domain.
Clerics of the Scholar select the Knowledge Domain.


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