Five years ago the great Beacons flared and the ever-burning fires at the top of each structure changed to a brilliant blue flame. A few months later, the first dwarves seen in over a millenium descended down from the mountains as if waking from a deep slumber. Across the continent a small fleet of ships arrived at the port in Lhassiter carrying hundreds of Seladrine from the seas beyond. Four years ago the Crystal of Dos-Vahlan, which had lain dormant since the Fall, began to glow.

The World of Territhia is now in flux. Magic and power has returned to the world. Scholars and sages are confused about the source of its return. Faith Keepers have been able to reconnect to their God, but answers are still not forthcoming.

Does the return of magic herald a new golden age or is it merely a precursor to something more dire and sinister?