The First Age

At the height of its power the Vahlruan Empire ruled the lands of Territhia. The Conclave was an enormous citadel that soared among the clouds fueled by powerful magics. A powerful magocracy, the Conclave served as the seat of power for the Vahlruan Empire and was a place where the various regents would meet to discuss what was going on in the realm. The High Magister resided in the Conclave and was leader of the council.

During the centuries of their rule it was discovered that using the essence of dragons increased the power and potency of their spell weaving. So dragons and their kin were hunted down and drained of their magic to fuel their spells. Their bodies were dissected and those parts were also consumed in the casting.

A Magister named Valar opposed this wholesale slaughter. His studies and experiments indicated that with each draconic death, there was a drastic decrease in the potency of magic. He theorized that the magic of the realm was directly tied to the lives of the dragons. His fellow magister’s viewed his research with scorn and derision, stating that his magic was diminished because he was old and afraid.

Valar and his supporters left the Conclave and headed west over the mountains. As they passed, they forged their last spell, erecting a might barrier of electricity over the mountain range.

The slaughter of the dragons continued and with the fall of the last dragon, a mighty wyrm named Verithomax, the magisters finally realized their folly. The magic that sustained their world collapsed. The mighty Conclave fell from the sky, plummeting to ground. The explosion sent great gouts of flame into the sky and blackened and burned the land for hundreds of miles turning it into a barren wasteland.

The few remaining magisters and their apprentices and followers fled to the south and settled on a volcanic island, inhabited by strange reptilian creatures of colossal size.

The elves grew weaker and felt their connection to the world diminish. Thousands of elves died in the weeks that followed the collapse. The small number that survived built a fleet of ships and sailed off into the east, never to be seen again.

The dwarves also deeply affected by the loss of magic retreated deep into their mountain fortresses. They sealed off the entrances and collapsed their mines.

The other mythological beasts died in the years and have all but vanished from the face the world.

The various city-states collapsed into anarchy. Their former leaders, now without the power of their magic, were ill-equipped to deal with the chaos that ensued. Great cities that had stood for hundreds of years were destroyed, looted, and ravaged.

People cried out to the gods to protect them and save them. But the god’s powers to directly influence the events of the world were diminished and their priest’s prayers went unanswered.

600 hundred years of warfare and strife followed. Minor warlords and armies skirmished across the land. During these dark years, science, arts, and research fell to the wayside as mere survival become a way of life.

The First Age

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