The Founding of Westbridge

Almost 700 years after the Collapse (698 CR), a warlord named Alaxel Bonecleaver built a large, stone bridge over the mighty Anthorn river. This bridge provided access to the ore-rich mountains that laid to the west. In addition, the bridge provided a strong defensive area for Alaxel to base his operations. He continued to build up the fortifications until the bridge itself was a mighty fort. (Rumors tell tales of a master dwarven engineer who helped design the mighty fortress.)

After plundering and raiding for nearly 30 years Alaxel lead a huge force of his troops to attack a rival clan led by Eron Strongfist. In a battle that lasted over 30 days, Alaxel looked like he was close to victory. However, on the eve of his victory, a stray arrow took him through the throat and with that one shot, the battle was over. Completely demoralized, the remnants of his forces quickly fled or surrendered. Alaxel’s eldest son and chief lieutenant were killed by their own men.

With the death of Alaxel, leadership of his clan fell to his last remaining and youngest son, Lorax. Who took over the leadership of the fort, know known as Bloodgate. He declared himself Lord of the Bridge.

Soon large groups of people started coming to the area in order for protection. The land around was fertile and rich; lush plains, a verdant forest, and ore-rich mountains made this a desirable area to settle.

Lorax’s first born son, Arol, ruled the region fairly for 20 years.

The Founding of Westbridge

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