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Copper Penny Star Wheel
Silver Sword Moon Serpent Merchant
Gold Crown Sun Dragon Galleon


The twin moons of Territhia are named Vareth-Dhal (The Skyhunter) and his younger sister Treya-Vis (The Maiden).

Wines of Arbordale

Airen, Golden This wine is made from the Airen grape which ripens in the fall. It creates a dry, pale yellow wine.
Airen, Golden – Reserved Just like the Golden Airen, this wine is made from the Airen grape which ripens in the fall. However, due to the extensive aging It creates a deep golden yellow wine, which is also dry, but full of complex flavors. Often aged for 15 to 20 years.
Autumn Dusk This port wine is made from the Crimson Villus grape and has a medley of other spirits added to increase the alcohol content.
Soreen, Pale This sparkling white wine takes 3 to 4 years to create and is often used for celebrations. The Pale Soreen is sweet with a hint of lemon.
Soreen, Rouge This sparkling red wine takes at least 10 years to make and is reserved for high occasions. The Rouge Soreen is semi-sweet with a faint taste of cinnamon.
Summer Blossom This wine is created from a variety of summer grapes. The wine is often fruity and light and is rarely ever aged.
Villus, Amber A spring grapes, Amber Villus has a deep orange color and is fruity and sweet with a light taste of honey
Villus, Crimson Another spring grape, Crimson Villus is deep red, full-bodied, and dry.
Villus, White An early summer grape, White Villus is semi-sweet, with a moderate flavor. As such it is often flavored with fruit juices to provide variety and to complement various foods. Of particular note and popularity is the Rose Villus wine which is flavored with strawberries.


Bronze Ale Thalos amber, mild, slightly-nutty flavor
Dire Rum Lhassiter dark brown, bitter ale
Dragon Fire Darthos dark reddish-brown, spicy
Gods Ale Skyhold golden, crisp, light flavor


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